PROTASIS: Connecting the dots...

Restoring Trust in the Cyber Space: A Systems Security Proposal

PROTASIS aims to expand the reach of SysSec to the international community via a joint research program in the area of Systems Security spearheaded by the need to develop a computing infrastructure that will be trusted by the citizens and the organizations they use it. Through a novel international and intersectoral program the participants will advance the state-of-the art in the area of security and privacy and will sharpen their skills using the most advanced methods for cyberattacks and malware.


  • Develop state-of-the-art research in the areas of cyber attacks and defences. In particular PROTASIS aims to push the boundaries of the state of the art and:
    • develop novel ways to protect applications against attacks and intrusions
    • address exfiltration and loss of sensitive data
    • explore hardware-assisted defences that provide speed and non-hackable vantage points
    • focus on the upcoming Internet of Things and associated embedded systems
    • develop mechanisms to ensure privacy in a networked world.
  • Instill Confidence in cyberspace: help European Citizens restore their trust and confidence in cyberspace. Over the past couple of years, the citizens’ confidence in cyberspace has been significantly challenged. PROTASIS aims to empower citizens with tools that will increase their confidence on the devices they use and address their concerns about the protection of their fundamental human rights.
  • Transfer knowledge through International and Intersectoral Reach: the beneficiaries of the project have already developed, within the context of the SysSec Network of Excellence, a vibrant community in Europe working in the area of Systems Security. It is now time to broaden their horizon, reach out to the other side of the Atlantic to leading US Universities that also do state-of-the-art research in the area of Systems Security and join forces to cross-fertilize their activities.
  • Improve innovation and European expertise in the area of cybersecurity through collaboration and knowledge transfer. This innovation will contribute to the stimulation of the emergence of a “European Industry for secure ICT”, supporting the “growth and competitiveness of the EU economy”.
  • Facilitate the Professional Development of the researchers of the consortium beneficiaries through secondments and collaborations in the international and inter-sectoral arena. The beneficiaries of the consortium have a long-running collaboration in the area of systems security. It is now time to benefit the careers of their staff and students through collaborations with top-level places in the US.